Information Security

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CM Inc's security services include:

  • • Security Audit
  • • Active Incident Analysis and Resolution
  • • Monetering and Control

The size, severity, complexity and sophistication of cyber threats continues to increase. Internet hackers are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative year by year, so the need for appropriate safeguards is becoming more critical. Organizations must consider the following:

  • • What do you rely on most? Can you make a business case to invest in a resilient system to minimize the impact of a security threat?
  • • Are you treating information privacy as both a compliance and business risk issue, reducing possible regulatory sanctions and business costs such as reputational damage and loss of customers due to privacy breaches?
  • • Have you thought about the consequences of a supplier (partners, IP providers, Managed Services Providers, professional service providers) allowing accidental, but harmful, access to your intellectual property, customer or employee information, commercial plans or negotiations and other valuable data assets?
  • • With the increasing use of mobile devices, applications and cloud-based services, what are the risks of unauthorized access to your systems and data? What level of security testing is used on your new applications?
  • • What are you doing to embed positive information security behaviours in your staff that will result in 'stop and think' behavior becoming a habit and part of your information security culture?

With the help of our experienced team and top-notch technologies, CM Inc. provides a complete range of information security related services, such as:

  • • Systems Assessments
  • • Proof-of-Concept
  • • Security Technologies
  • • Field Pilots
  • • Risk Analysis and Assessments
  • • Virtual Private Networks Field Pilots
  • • Network Design & Implementation
  • • Architecture

Our services can make your information system:

  • • A flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolves as quickly as conditions do
  • • Far more agile with respect to Security architecture
  • • Deeply integrated for an end-to-end view of attacks
  • • Present a full picture of threats by incorporating internal and external intelligence
  • • Take an active, “lean-forward” posture that doesn’t just wait for attacks but anticipates them.