Our Team

Led by industry leaders, our staff of dedicated professionals specializes in the assessment, design, implementation and support of applications, software, hardware and communications solutions. Our professionals have extensive hands-on experience in Information Technology/Information Management (IT/IM) & Communication Technology and are continually being trained to stay current with rapid technological advancement in order to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

For over 20 years, CM Inc. has provided IT/IM services with a number of major public and private sector organizations, many of these through Supply and/or Vendor of Record Arrangements. Over that time, a best-practice team for administration of Supply Arrangements was established. As part of this practice, CM Inc. developed a team of resources to administer these Supply Arrangements:

CM Inc Team Work
  • Account Management : For each Client, CM Inc. assigns a single point of contact to act as an Account Manager. The person will be responsible for communication with the Client and for quality control.

  • Human Resources (Recruiting) : Our HR department is responsible for recruitment and management of systems professionals. Requirements from Client for an individual or a team with a specific skill set will be passed to Human Resources for fulfillment.

  • Response Coordinators : Response Coordinators manage the response submission, editing and writing. They liaise with the Account Manager, Technical Expertise Team, Recruiters, and Finance to properly assess and fulfill Client requirements.

  • Technical Expertise Team : CM Inc.’s Technical Expertise team consists of technology professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in IT/IM, from Software Developers and Database Administrators to Business Analysts and Project Managers; CM Inc.’s Technical Expertise team assists in understanding and fulfilling the Client request.

  • Financial Department : All financial information is handled by our Financial department. CM Inc. Financial Coordinator will be available to manage any billing and payment enquiries posed by the Client.

We work in partnership with our clients. Transfer of knowledge and skills is an important value-added service that our clients receive. We provide this in a systematic and deliberate manner through vehicles such as formal sessions as well as informal meetings with key members of our client team.

We demonstrate accountability for results. Our assignments are focused and directed to ensure that quality products and services are provided at an unbeatable price, projects are completed on time, on budget, and deliver intended benefits to our clients. Our starting point for all engagements is to understand how our clients would define project success, and to develop outcome measures and project control mechanisms to ensure that goal is achieved

Knowledge of your business. Members of our team have had extensive experience working for and with the Ontario Public and Private Sector. We have a good understanding of mandates, challenges and responsibilities.

Client Testimonials: Our clients have been extremely satisfied with our work and our ability to deliver as promised. In fact, many of our clients continue to re-hire us to do work for them.

Our Team Leads

Hasan Naqvi, president of CM Inc Hasan Naqvi

As the president of CM Inc., he has over thirty years of experience in the business and Information Technology and Communications (ITC) field. His objective is to continue to build CM Inc. into a leading ITC organizations which provides dynamic, state of the art, innovative, socially beneficial, and internationally competitive products and services.

Wilbert Yu, Technical Lead Wilbert Yu

A Technical System Architect and Analyst and well versed in all facets of enterprise and governance architecture. Hands-on experience in developing solution in both public and private sectors over the past 15 years.

Dennis Ablett, Management & ITC Consultant Dennis Ablett

As a Management & ITC Consultant at CM Inc., Mr. Ablett is known for his no-nonsense, methodical approach to information gathering and provision of findings and recommendations. He is comfortable dealing at the Board and senior level as well as at Operation level, allowing him to access and help in resolving problems and recommending solutions.

Adriano Ovigli, software implementations and system architecture Adriano Ovigli

With over eighteen years in the IT industry and more than fifteen with software implementations and system architecture. His background includes experience in all aspects of project management, business analyst and functional consulting throughout the project lifecycle. Mr. Adriano is also a certified Oracle Documents Cloud Service Specialist and Oracle Application Integration Architecture Sales Specialist