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CM Inc. has developed software products that can be customized, and also provides enterprise products from our partners, including Informatica and Oracle.

CM Inc. Products

  • - Funds, Grants and Contributions
    • Our Funding system processess applications for Grants, Funds and Contributions. It is also a tool to categorize and prioritizes applications throughout the funding lifecycle,providing online assessment and review of funding letters.

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  • - Health Funding
    • CM Inc.’s Funding Management Tool (FMT) is a web-based application that is completely automated; and stores any document with immediate retrieval. You can access your Business Case / Project Plans directly, automatically generate funding letters, and changes or enhancements are easy to make.

      Business functions include funding management, user management, investment parameter and communications.

  • - Discount Brokerage
    • Our Discount Brokerage System is based on Visual Basic (VB 6.0), Microsoft Access 97, and Crystal Reports.

      CM Inc. has developed this system and can provide maintenance service on a monthly basis, including operation data backup, help desk for immediate consultation and operations issues, information technology strategies, interaction and integration solutions with third parties, provision of support on the technical environment and other professional IT-related services.

      Our Discount brokerage system allowss users to have web exposure that offered information about their services, made it easy to contact a representative, and allowed existing clients to log in and check statements and make payments to vendors through integration with an existing database infrastructure. The solution also provides a complete web-based content change management system to simplify the process of web site content editing and development for in-house personnel. The system allows content change through an online graphical, easy-to-use editing and change approval system.

      CM Inc. developed the solution adhering to industrial security standards. Technologies including Java, Sybase, iPlanet, WebLogic on a Unix platform.

      Our clients have benefited significantly furom this system.

Partner Products


  • 1. Big Data Products
    • - Big Data Edition
    • - Big Data Parner
    • - Big Data Relationship Management
  • 2. Cloud Integration
    • - Cloud Data Integration
    • - Cloud Application Integration
    • - Cloud Data Management
  • 3. Data Integration
    • - PowerCenter
    • - Data Integration Hub
    • - Connectors (PowerExchange)
  • 4. Data Quality
    • - Informatica Data Quality
    • - Data as a Service
  • 5. Data Security
    • - Secure@Source
    • - Data Masking
    • - Test Data Management
  • 6. Informatica Platform
    • - Vibe
    • - Business Process Management
  • 7. Integration Platform-as-a-Service
    • - Informatica Cloud Mobility
  • 8. Master Data Management
    • - Multidomain MDM
    • - Product Information Management
    • - Identity Resolution


  • 1. Oracle Cloud
  • 2. Oracle Applications
  • 3. Java
  • 4. Business Analytics
  • 5. Business Intelligence
  • 6. Middleware
  • 7. Enterprise Management
  • 8. BDA
  • 9. Virtualization


  • 1. Project
  • 2. Visio
  • 3. Office