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CM Inc. provides a wide range of Information Technology, Software & Management services to enable clients to make effective use of technology and solutions to meet their business objectives. We have the experience and background to get the job done. From legacy systems to the latest in software, solutions and resources to meet your needs, we are up to the task.

If your company requires a service which is not specifically listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have access to the people and resources needed to take on even the most challenging of projects.

Business Solution

CM Inc. provides certified experts in the field of Business Solutions. Our Business Solutions are experts in eliciting, analyzing, validating and documenting business, organizational and/or operational requirements. We offer professional solutions that may often include a systems development component, and can also consist of process improvements or organizational changes.

Cloud Solution

Users could benefit from cloud solutions in many ways: much less investment, flexible scalability, stronger business Control, faster reaction speed, tighter and easier security and lower cost.

We provide cloud and co-location facilities at our corporate location in Canada, as well as Cloud computing with our data centre partner in Ontario. These services allow our clients to develop systems and Web-based applications, just-in-time without the constraints of their own production or hosting environment.

Our services include static IPs for applications that need to be WEB-facing and facilities to store and host servers.

CM Inc. has been partnered with Informatica, Oracle, IBM, HP, SAS, Microsoft and InfoBuilders for many years. With our cloud services and various capabilities, you can quickly, easily and safely store and process your data in third-party data centres.

Data Solutions

CM Inc. provides the expertise for developing strategies to implement enterprise databases, data warehousing and data mining solutions specifically designed for your various business needs. Our sound technical knowledge can be leveraged to create complex data warehousing systems which meet your most demanding requirements.

As a Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data integration leader, CM Inc. has implemented many successful solutions with Oracle, Informatica, and Infobuilders. CM Inc. has subject matter experts and resources in OBIEE, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality (DQ), SAS, SAP, Big Data, Structured and Unstructured Search Engines.

With extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, CM Inc. provides end-to-end solution and services. We recognize the importance of quality data as an information asset. CM Inc. has the experience and tools to not only improve the quality of your data but also the processes and methodologies to manage the data assets for your business and business intelligence (BI) needs.

Our resource pool of BI, Mobile BI, OBIEE, Cognos, Informatica, MicroStrategy, and Infobuilders is comprehensive, and we are able to provide the best-suited resources cost-effectively for your needs.

Web Presence & Application Development

Developing a successful web presence requires attention to detail with a knowledge and understanding of what makes a winning web site. CM Inc. has the people needed for the end-to-end design, development, implementation and maintenance of your web presence. We take web design to a new level of sophistication using the latest in design concepts, accessibility considerations and professional art work.

What separates us from our competition is our attention to the detail.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a cost effective way of bringing your web site into the spot light. Utilizing our in-house expertise, your web site will improve in search engine ranking, thus improving traffic and the potential for more business. Without proper optimization, search engines are unable to clearly identify your web site as an applicable search result, significantly lowering your ranking.

We analyze and modify particular aspects of site design and coding to better optimize them for the algorithms of major search engines. Our professionals gather the objectives of your web presence and carefully align the optimization with the site purpose. Development of a link popularity strategy and ongoing maintenance assures continued optimal ranking in search engines as they evolve.

Web Analytics & Trending

Effective management of marketing efforts and content management through web analytics is essential. With an enormous variety of software packages available on the market with varying degrees of complexity and thoroughness of reports, product knowledge and expert installation is crucial.

Our web analytics technology experts assess your requirements and environment to properly integrate the right reporting and trending software. The end result is a system that will assist decision making with a wealth of easy-to-understand statistics and data about your web visitors. Our in-depth end user training on how to best utilize the data within reports generated gives anyone from technical support staff to marketing managers a thorough understanding of traffic, trending and analysis reports.

Data Warehousing & Mining

CM Inc. provides the expertise for developing strategies to implement enterprise databases, data warehousing and data mining solutions specifically designed for your various business needs. Our sound technical knowledge can be leveraged to create complex data warehousing systems which meet your most demanding requirements.

Project Management

CM Inc has accumulated considerable experience in project management, including PMBOK, MS Project and Client-specific PM Methodologies. Our professionals work with our clients to ensure successful completion of project deliverables, on time and within budget. We also provide qualified project managers on a contract basis.

Our project management methodology is structured with the following key controls:

  • Project Plan Management

  • Monitor timely completion of the project through activity definition, activity sequencing, activity duration estimating, schedule development, and schedule control

  • Organizational Management

  • Ensure effective use of the resources involved in the project, including project stakeholders

  • Communications Management

  • Ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, and nature of project information. Michael employs communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, monitoring, and administrative closure activities in all engagements

  • Financial Management

  • Ensure projects are completed within budget through careful resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, and control processes.

  • Risk/Issues Management

  • Map, analyze, and respond to project risks. This includes maximizing the results of positive events and minimizing the consequences of adverse events through risk identification, risk quantification, response development, and risk response control

  • Change Management

  • Ensure the project includes the required work to successfully complete the project and that critical changes are managed and properly communicated to affected stakeholders

  • Quality Management

  • Ensure the project satisfies the stakeholder needs associated with it, including the identification of quality standards, evaluation of overall project performance, and monitoring of specific project results to eliminate the causes of unsatisfactory performance

  • Integration Management

  • Ensure various elements of a project are coordinated so that deadlines are met, duplicative work is eliminated, resources are maximized, and deliverables are of high quality. This requires negotiating trade-offs between competing objectives and alternatives to meet stakeholders’ needs and expectations

Funds & Grants Solutions

  • • A web-based system to process applications for grants, funds and contributions

  • • A tool to categorize and prioritize applications throughout the funding lifecycle

  • • Online assessment & review of applications, with recommendations

  • • Tight control of the entire process

  • • Latest proven technology

  • • Emphasis on business requirements

  • • Built in Canada to meet technology standards

  • • Full documentation and training

  • • Proven approved government vendor

Discount Brokerage Solutions

With an experienced team, CMI Inc. provides leading discount online brokerage solutions for trading of stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, futures and more.

Network & Technical Support

CM Inc. offers in-depth technical expertise in the planning, management, evaluation, implementation, and support of network technologies. Our technical services cover a broad range of networks, operating systems, development languages, database management systems, and development methodologies on multiple platforms.

  • • Desktop Rollout & Support

  • • Server Administration

  • • Email, Collaboration & Messaging Systems

  • • Legacy Data & Migration Management

  • • Database Administration

  • • Telecommunications

  • • Multi-Platform Environments

Information Security

CM Inc's security services include:

  • • Security Audit

  • • Active Incident Analysis and Resolution

  • • Monetering and Control

The size, severity, complexity and sophistication of cyber threats continues to increase. Internet hackers are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative year by year, so the need for appropriate safeguards is becoming more critical. Organizations must consider the following:

  • • What do you rely on most? Can you make a business case to invest in a resilient system to minimize the impact of a security threat?

  • • Are you treating information privacy as both a compliance and business risk issue, reducing possible regulatory sanctions and business costs such as reputational damage and loss of customers due to privacy breaches?

  • • Have you thought about the consequences of a supplier (partners, IP providers, Managed Services Providers, professional service providers) allowing accidental, but harmful, access to your intellectual property, customer or employee information, commercial plans or negotiations and other valuable data assets?

  • • With the increasing use of mobile devices, applications and cloud-based services, what are the risks of unauthorized access to your systems and data? What level of security testing is used on your new applications?

  • • What are you doing to embed positive information security behaviours in your staff that will result in 'stop and think' behavior becoming a habit and part of your information security culture?

With the help of our experienced team and top-notch technologies, CM Inc. provides a complete range of information security related services, such as:

  • • Systems Assessments

  • • Proof-of-Concept

  • • Security Technologies

  • • Field Pilots

  • • Risk Analysis and Assessments

  • • Virtual Private Networks Field Pilots

  • • Network Design & Implementation

  • • Architecture

Our services can make your information system:

  • • A flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a far-reaching view of threats and evolves as quickly as conditions do

  • • Far more agile with respect to Security architecture

  • • Deeply integrated for an end-to-end view of attacks

  • • Present a full picture of threats by incorporating internal and external intelligence

  • • Take an active, “lean-forward” posture that doesn’t just wait for attacks but anticipates them.


Our Documentation Specialists and Technical Writers have extensive experience in developing systems and technical documentation which is comprehensive, well designed and easy to use.


CM Inc. has been providing top quality IT training services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and crown corporations since 1985.

Our training centre provides courses in management consulting, systems design, programming as well as specialized training, including organizational management and project management.

We also offer customized training courses to meet the specific needs of clients. CM Inc. has in-house training facilities for individuals and groups. Training can also be provided at the client's site.

HR Services & Recruitment

CM Inc. provides a full range of Human Resource (HR) services. As part of our HR recruitment, CM Inc. identifies the personnel needs of employers and draws upon its extensive human resource database of experienced professionals to deliver highly qualified candidates. Our human resource services include:

  • • Human Resource Information Systems

  • • Contract Resources

  • • Executive Resources

  • • Professional Resources

Information & Knowledge Management (IKM)

We help organizations who are data rich, but knowledge poor, and who want to develop, improve, or augment their IKM practices. Customizing our services to client requirements and resources, we support our clients in addressing challenges in all areas of information and knowledge management – institutional memory, information access, document management, and communications being examples. Our clients describe us as creative and accomplished professionals who deliver more than they promised.

We can develop, improve or augment your IKM policies in the following areas:

  • • Corporate Memory

  • • Information Access

  • • Document Management

  • • Communication Management

  • • Industry-renowned, creative & versatile professionals

  • • Small or full scale project, services tailored to your needs and your budget

Co-located Development Environment

CM Inc provides co-location facilities at its corporate location in Canada. This allows our clients to develop systems and Web-based applications, just-in-time without the constraints of their own production environment.

Our services include static IPs for applications that need to be WEB-facing and facilities to store and host servers.

CM Inc. provides a professional work environment for those customers that need to do their development work at our site.

CM Inc. has in-house qualified staff that can assist with your technical and support requirements. CM Inc. staff can assist with the loading and preparation of the environment to meet your needs.

We are flexible to your IT needs and will be happy to discuss how we can help in meeting your technical and delivery requirements.